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Equity Fight Intensifies in Cambridge

RACEAdmin - October 26, 2020 - 0 comments


“The fight for minority ownership in Cambridge, Mass., is heating up as a group of advocates, entrepreneurs and local lawmakers joined forces to defend an economic empowerment applicant’s effort to locate his dispensary in Harvard Square. The Real Action for Cannabis Equity coalition recently launched a campaign supporting Damond Hughes, who overcame a huge obstacle for many economic empowerment applicants when he secured a lease from a Harvard Square landlord. But the Harvard Square Neighborhood Association is threatening the goals of social equity in the industry, according to the group.

The coalition is highlighting comments from HSNA President Suzanne Blier, who suggested during a community meeting that the dispensary could locate itself in a less visible location like a basement, the Harvard Crimson reports.
‘The economic empowerment community will not stand by idly and watch minority-business owners relegated to second- and third-rate business locations,’ said Richard Harding, co-founder of the R.A.C.E. coalition.
The HSNA did not return a request for comment.”

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